This Vegan Tofu “Spam” Musubi Recipe is a vegan alternative to tasty spam or rice musubi made using marinade, firm tofu, and nori to create the traditional musubi

Press Tofu for 15 min to remove the moisture  After the tofu has been pressed in a slicing motion, cut it into pieces about 1 inch thick. Then form rectangles into a spam form, about 2 inches by 4 inches. Then finish off the corners as desired.

Make the sauce by mixing all sauce ingredients and then allowing tofu to marinate within the sauce.

cook tofu in a pan with any sauce left until golden brown, and then all sauce has been absorbed

Make nori strips by cutting them into 2 inches long strips wide. Then, cook the rice by tossing them in an enormous bowl along with sesame seeds and some salt.

– To put it together, grab about 1/2- 2/3 cups of rice. Then, with your hands, press tightly with damp hands until you have an oval. It is also possible to use a mold or form to do this. This is the rice ball’s base! Add a slice of tofu, then wrap in nori strips. For finishing, drizzle with the remaining sauce.

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