Vegan Chocolate Ganache Recipe (Two-Ingredient)

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Welcome, chocolate lovers, to the magical world of Vegan Chocolate Ganache, a sumptuous symphony of rich chocolate chips and luscious full-fat coconut milk swirling together to make an unsettlingly tempting treat that’s fun to make and, of course, eat!

In this magical culinary journey, we’ll dive into the heart of this silky smooth, dairy-free treat, revealing its secrets and showing you how to make this plant-based masterpiece with ease.

So put on your aprons, grab your mixing bowls, and get ready to be taken to a chocolate lover’s paradise where indulgence meets compassion and flavor knows no limits!

Why This Vegan Chocolate Ganache is The Best Option

Rich and silky texture:

  • Vegan chocolate chips or chopped vegan chocolate bars give your ganache a smooth, rich texture.

A healthier option:

  • Vegan chocolate doesn’t have any animal products in it. This makes it healthier and better for the environment than regular chocolate.

Excellent taste:

  • If you use high-quality vegan chocolate, your ganache will have the same great taste as its non-vegan counterpart.

Coconut milk or cream adds richness:

  • Full-fat coconut milk or cream gives the ganache a luscious, creamy texture that goes well with the taste and feel of vegan chocolate.
  • Coconut milk or cream is a great dairy-free alternative that can be used to make your chocolate ganache safe for people with lactose intolerance or dairy allergies.

Unique flavor:

  • The subtle, tropical taste of coconut milk or cream makes your vegan chocolate ganache taste even better, making it a delightful and unique treat.

It’s easy to find:

  • Both vegan chocolate and full-fat coconut milk or cream are easy to find in grocery stores, so you can easily try new things with these ingredients.
  • When you mix these two ingredients, you can make vegan chocolate ganache that you can use in cakes, like this bundt cake, truffles, frosting, or any other delicious dessert you can think of.

Vegan Chocolate Ganache Recipe

Tips for Vegan Chocolate Ganache

  • Check the list of the chocolate chip ingredients list, and see if there’s milkfat or butter oil. But don’t fret; there are plenty of natural vegan brands out there! Trader Joe’s and Guittard semi-sweet are two of my favorites.
  • Don’t panic if you can’t find vegan chocolate chips! Semi-sweet, high-quality vegan chocolate bars work equally well.
  • Leave your ganache in the refrigerator until it’s completely cool and thick. This will make it easy to pipe onto cupcakes or cakes.
  • Whip your ganache with a hand-held blender before you pipe it for a fluffier texture.
  • Don’t forget that the recipe can be easily doubled or halved to fit your needs.

Vegan Chocolate Ganache Recipe


  • 8 oz. dark vegan chocolate chips or chocolate bars, chopped
  • 1 cup coconut milk (full-fat)


  • First, get a full-fat can of coconut milk and pour it into a saucepan. Bring it to a simmer when bubbles start moving around on the surface.
  • Get the chocolate chips ready while the coconut milk heats up. Put them in a bowl that can handle the heat, and get ready for some magic!
  • Once the coconut milk is simmering, pour it over your chocolate chips and stir until the mixture is silky and smooth. You’ll start to see the chocolate chips melt and combine with the coconut milk.
  • Once it’s lovely and silky, put it in the fridge for an hour and stir it every 15 minutes to ensure it gets nice and smooth.
  • And voila! Your rich and creamy vegan chocolate ganache is ready to be enjoyed in all its brilliance. Pour it over your favorite desserts, use it as a dip for fruit, or eat it straight from the bowl—we won’t judge!

Microwave method:

  • Pour the full-fat coconut milk into a bowl that can go in the microwave and heat it for 1 to 2 minutes until it starts to simmer.
  • While the coconut milk warms up, put your chocolate chips in a heat-safe bowl.
  • Once the coconut milk is at a simmer, pour it over your chocolate chips and stir until the mixture is silky and smooth.
  • Put the bowl in the microwave and heat it in 15-second intervals, stirring in between each one, until the ganache is thick and shiny.
  • Let it cool as instructed above.

Video Recipe

YouTube video

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Vegan Chocolate Ganache Recipe

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