Top 10 Most Vegan-Friendly Cities in the UK 2024

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Gone are the days when it might be difficult for you to look for vegan dishes while traveling to different places. You might have hardly found one or two restaurants serving vegan foods even in the big cities in the earlier days. Dedicated vegan grocery stores and markets selling vegan goods were only a dream.

However, times have changed in the recent past. More and more people have become aware of the benefits that they can enjoy with plant-based foods. So, they start following vegan lifestyles. As the number of vegans started increasing considerably, many cities in big countries started to become more vegan-friendly than before. They started hosting more vegan eateries, markets and grocery stores.

Here is a look at the top vegan-friendly cities in the UK. This might help you when you plan a visit to the UK anytime soon.

  1. Bristol

Bristol Vegan City

A list of the vegan-friendly cities in the UK is incomplete without a mention of Bristol in it. The city is nicknamed, “vegan capital of the world.” This only explains its prominence in the vegan scene. You can find almost 300 vegan restaurants in Bristol, serving different cuisine styles to cater to your needs. Many vegans live in the city, which explains the vegan culture followed here.

Vegan eating joints and dishes to try – Persian style of dishes at the Koocha Mezze Bar, fresh, office-takeaway dishes at The Spotless Leopard

  1. Brighton

In the last year or so, Brighton has seen a phenomenal increase in its vegan culture. Brighton is filled with vegan-themed restaurants, upmarket stores, local markets and grocery stores, making it a paradise for vegans. In the years between 2019 and 2021, veganism has grown phenomenally in this beautiful city. The city is also home to some of the best-ranked vegan restaurants in the UK.

Vegan eating joints and dishes to try – All dishes at The Roundhill on Ditching Road, Chickpea Salad Bowls at Smorl’s Kitchen at the Open Market

  1. Leicester

Leicester, one of the historic cities in the UK, is known for its rich heritage and mansion-style buildings. However, it is also a haven for food lovers. Not just any food lovers, but the ones who love plant-based foods! In the last 1 to 2 years, veganism has penetrated all parts of the ancient city of Leicester. The residents of the city can be seen in large numbers at the various vegan restaurants that have been set up newly in almost all the important junctions, almost every day.

Vegan eating joints and dishes to try – Asian dishes at Kayal, Sunday Roast at Reece’s

  1. Norwich

Norwich, popular for its medieval history, has many layers to it than just its heritage and culture. Despite have an old-world charm, Norwich hasn’t shied away from adopting new lifestyles and cultures. As veganism started becoming popular in the West in the late 2013s, Norwich joined the wagon as it didn’t want to be left behind. In 2014, the residents of Norwich formed a popular committee to promote veganism. The committee, Norwich Vegans, is still highly popular today.

Vegan eating joints and dishes to try – All snacks at Tofurei, International Vegan food and drinks at The Tipsy Vegan, Falafels and salads at Moorish Falafel Bar

  1. Cardiff

You must be surprised to see a Welsh city in the list of top vegan-friendly cities in the UK. That shows the popularity of veganism in the country. The highlight of the vegan food joints at Cardiff is that they serve exact vegan replicas of the traditional Welsh delicacies. We are sure you can’t tell the difference between a vegan and non-vegan dish here, because of the smart use of healthy substitutes.

Vegan eating joints and dishes to try – Burgers at Anna Loka, all fast foods at Got No Beef, all cakes & pastries at Blanche Bakery

  1. Newcastle

Located towards the north of the UK, Newcastle is one of the top vegan-friendly cities in the country. Veganism slowly entered the city almost 8 years back, and it has changed the lifestyles of many people here. Many Norwich-based vegan communities are quite vocal about veganism and its benefits on social media platforms. Newcastle is also famous for the annual festival, Newcastle Vegan Festival, which it has been hosting for 7 years consecutively now.

Vegan eating joints and dishes to try – Panko sesame baked tofu and jackfruit potstickers at Little Green, wines, cocktails and juices at Karma Kitchen Café, pasta & pizzas at Vegano

  1. Glasgow

Glasgow, the largest city of Scotland, has recently found itself a name on this list. According to a recent survey, this beautiful city observed a phenomenal increase in vegan eaters in the last 2 years. Owing to the popular demand for veganism, Glasgow opened its doors to promote more vegan grocery stores, vegan local markets, vegan eating joints and more.

Vegan eating joints and dishes to try – Thai, Japanese and Korean cuisine styles at Puti Vegan Café, rolls and noodles at Suissi Vegan Asian Kitchen

  1. Edinburgh

Here is another Scottish city again! Edinburgh is buzzing with life all through the day because of the large number of students staying here. Edinburgh is not only known for its architecturally brilliant buildings and rich history, but also the presence of 4 prestigious international universities. The popularity of veganism among students played a vital role in the increasing vegan culture of this city.

Vegan eating joints and dishes to try – Cakes at Black Rabbit, Wraps & Sandwiches at Seeds For The Soul

  1. Manchester

Manchester is not just famous for its music and football, but also for the dynamic culture it boasts of. You will notice quite a lot of youngsters living in the city. As awareness about veganism increases among these youngsters, it results in the growth of the vegan market in the city as well.

Vegan eating joints and dishes to try – Ice creams and milkshakes at Ice Shack, pizzas & burgers at Zad’s

  1. Sheffield

Sheffield, one of the cleanest and greenest cities of the UK, is slowly moving towards a natural lifestyle, which is veganism. Most of its residents are switching over to consuming plant-based products. So, you can find at least 20 different vegan restaurants and markets in this city currently.

Vegan eating joints and dishes to try –Zad’s Falafels at Just Falafs, burgers at Church-Temple of Fun

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