Most Vegan Friendly Cities In The World in 2024

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Are you looking for some of the best places to pursue a vegan lifestyle? Here I’ve guided you to the most vegan friendly cities in the world you should travel to. All the vegan cities, I’ve mentioned here, have a wide range of vegan options you can choose from. I promise you’ll never be far away from the best vegan meals you’ve ever tasted before. When curious vegans like you will go through the list of the world’s most vegan-friendly cities, I’ve compiled here, you will surely be going to admit that the vegan products in these cities are worth looking at.

So, here is our best vegan cities in the world list.

New York, USA

 Most Vegan Friendly Cities In The World

There is no better city in the world for a vegan than New York. It is the most vegan-friendly city of America. There are hundreds of vegetarian restaurants in New York. There are some places with decent prices like Terri, or Blossom du Jour , and some luxurious restaurants like Pure Food and Wine or Caravan of Dreams are also looking to serve you. You can enjoy every vegetarian cuisine in New York due to its diverse vegan culture. New York is also known for its urban farming. Drinking juice of your favorite veggie is super easy here. Many facilities deliver fresh veggies right at your doorstep even in the middle of the night. So, we can say, when it’s about veganism, no city can beat New York.

Toronto, Canada

 Most Vegan Friendly Cities In The World

Are you planning a trip to Toronto soon? If that’s the case, I’ll perfectly lead you. Toronto is among the most vegan-friendly cities in the world. It has a bundle of the best vegan restaurants that serve you amazing cuisine. Some top restaurants include Tor’s Bakeshop, GOOD Grains, PLANTA Queen, and Avelo. All these eateries serve freshly prepared plant-based vegan meals. If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, then Vegan Danish Bakery is an amazing option to visit. You must visit Toronto vegan neighborhoods. Kensington Market is one of Toronto’s most historic and popular areas. It has a diverse vegan culture, from clothing to eating, there are loads of cruelty-free choices to opt from.

Manchester, UK

 Most Vegan Friendly Cities In The World

Vegan eateries abound in Manchester, catering to both visitors and residents. There was a time, not long ago, when, Manchester was not a suitable city for the vegans to travel to, but now it has loads of legitimate food options you would love to eat. To name a few, Boho Utopia, Withington, Vertigo, Central, and Manchester Vegan Cafe and Wellbeing Centre, and Northern Quarter. BBC reported a 340% increase in Manchester’s vegan population by the last decade, indicating as veganism is rising quickly so is vegan-friendly food.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Most Vegan Friendly Cities In The World

Chiang Mai is the most famous vegetarian destination in Thailand. Many food points provide amazing food based on whole grains and fresh veggies. Pure Vegan Heaven restaurant provides a variety of vegan cuisines. The creativity and flavors you will find in their menu are just too good. If you get bored with the Thai menu, then you can go for pizza best served by “By Hand Pizzas”. Apart from vegan eateries, Chiang Mai also hosts an annual vegetarian festival.

Chennai, India

Chennai is the top pick from India, from eating to clothing, it’s crowned as most the vegan-friendly city. The first vegan store in Chennai is Earth Story, which serves vegans animal-free foods like ice creams and chocolate, as well as cruelty-free cosmetics and other accessories. Vegans can enjoy plant-based meat made up of mushrooms and soy. You can have easy access to vegan shoes, wallets, handbags, and many more. There are many schools here in Chennai, which are based on a plant-based diet. Vegans attract to this city because of the diversity in the vegan services provided to the folks.

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Ubud is one of the world’s most vegetarian-friendly cities, with a plethora of cheap eateries providing delectable plant-based local and foreign foods. This place serves as a paradise for vegans. You can appreciate the natural beauty of this place while eating your favorite dishes cooked in vegan style. Siboghana is a well-known Ubud restaurant that adds value to your meals. Sawobali vegan buffet is another popular meal destination for vegans looking for excellent vegan cuisine at a reasonable price.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Montreal also holds a great position as a vegan-friendly city. Your dining experience will go best with many vegan restaurants here in Montreal. Sushi Momo is worth mentioning vegan eatery that serves the best sushi and Japanese cuisine. Café Dei Campi has an amazing range of baked food items. There are many other restaurants like Sham, Komomo, and Sophie Sucree. All serve you with the best vegan meal.

Tel Aviv, Israel

The Tel Aviv city of Israeli is the country’s vegan capital. It is a stunning city with more than 400 vegan eateries. There are several restaurants that serve homegrown vegetables, demonstrating their passion for the vegan lifestyle. Delicious vegan food, such as Indian, Persian, and other cuisines, is available at the vegan eateries. Fresh vegetables with cold dips seem like a fantastic vegan combination served here. Creamy dips made of chickpeas and hummus are some vegan Tel Aviv staples.

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Da Nang, Vietnam

Da Nang is a vegan’s paradise. It features a wide range of cafes with fantastic and delectable vegan food alternatives. All of the restaurants serve high-quality, flavorful meals. Roots restaurant is a well-known vegan eatery with a wide variety of tasty dishes. Its burgers and smoothie bowls are just too good that every vegan must give it a try.



People all across the world are becoming increasingly concerned about issues related to veganism, such as animal welfare. To save your time, I’ve produced this list of the world’s best vegan-friendly cities. I’m convinced that in these cities, you’ll get the best possible vegan experience. You’ll have easy access to cruelty-free items at reasonable prices. Now go to your favorite vegan city and have a good time. See also most vegan-friendly cities in the UK and USA

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