Easy Homemade Vegan Flapjacks Recipe

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Perfect for any occasion, a healthy vegan flapjacks recipe is easy to make and a very delicious treat. Vegan Flapjacks are versatile in that they can be flavored with a variety of ingredients or left simple.

These are great for taking on a trip, packing in your lunchbox before school, or simply enjoying at home as a treat.

Homemade vegan flapjacks are simple to make, far cheaper than store-bought versions, and take only 10 minutes to prepare.

To enjoy this crunchy delight, move on to making this now.

How to Make Vegan Flapjacks



  • Vegan butter: 6 Oz

  • Sugar: 5/8 cup

  • Golden syrup: 2 TBSP

  • Organic oats: 3.89 cup

  • Powdered cinnamon: ½ to 1 TSP

  • Nuts: 1 cup

  • Dried fruits: 1 cup


how to make vegan flapjacks

  • Take a well-kept bowl, add in the sugar and butter, and mix them nicely. It may take a couple of minutes to mix these ingredients via hand. Be patient and continue mixing smoothly.

  • Now, add in a teaspoon of powdered cinnamon.

  • Then add the oats into the butter mix. Divide the oats into three parts to mix them well. Firstly, add one divided portion of the oats, give it a thorough mix, and continue the same process with the remaining two parts.

  • Now add in the golden syrup. Mix everything well so that it gets fully blended.

  • Finally, add nuts or dried fruits of your choice. I’ve added cranberries, raisins, and chopped apricots.

  • Next, start preheating the oven at 180 degrees centigrade.

  • Take a baking pan and place a baking sheet over it.

  • Now, brush the baking tray with some vegan butter.

  • Evenly spread the oats mix on the baking sheet and transfer it to a preheated oven for around 30 minutes.

  • When the flapjacks have attained a lovely golden texture, take them out of the oven.

  • Place on a cooling rack and plot your cut marks while still warm.

  • Let it cool and munch away!


vegan flapjacks bars recipe

  • You can also substitute golden syrup with maple syrup or agave syrup.

  • You can also add both the golden syrup and maple syrup in half and half quantities.

  • You are free to add other spices of your choice as well, along with the cinnamon.

  • Evenly pack the flapjack mix on the baking tray. Thoroughly tap with a spoon to level it off.

  • You can also drizzle some golden syrup on the top of oats before baking them, but this step is optional.

  • Don’t overbake the flapjacks. Ideally, when you take them out of the oven, they should still be bubbling a little.

  • If the size of oats is large, or you are adding too much-dried fruits and nuts, then grind them a little using a pestle and mortar. This way, your flapjacks will not crumble.

  • Don’t add a lot of butter; or otherwise, the flapjack bars will become greasy.

  • The choice, as well as the addition of nuts and dried fruits, is completely optional.

  • You can also make chocolate flapjacks. To make one, melt a bar of dark chocolate and dip the cold flapjacks in the chocolate. Then get them cooled in the refrigerator and enjoy.


Why are my flapjacks falling apart?

You might have done some mistakes while making your flapjacks. Take into account the following reasons and figure out your mistake. Flapjacks fall apart when you don’t weigh the ingredients accurately. So, take accurate measurements using a scale to make solid flapjack bars. When you transfer the oats blend into the baking tray, firmly press the mix with a spoon to remove all the entrapped air. It will prevent your flapjacks from falling apart. Thirdly, cut the baked oats into the bars after allowing them to cool for some time. Follow these simple tips to make perfectly sliced flapjacks.

How to fix fallen apart flapjacks?

If your flapjacks fall apart? Don’t worry, I’ll help you fix them out. Place the broken flapjacks on a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Press the whole blend with a spoon. Re-bake them in the oven and cut them once they get cooled.

Can I skip the addition of the golden syrup?

No, you cannot skip adding the golden syrup. This syrup is used as a binding agent. It will help to keep your flapjacks in shape. Add a sufficient quantity of golden syrup so that you can come up with a perfect solid granola bar.

Should flapjacks be soft when they come out of the oven?

When you first take the flapjacks out of the oven, they will appear soft. They aren’t under-baked, so don’t be concerned. Once they’ve cooled, they’ll stiffen up yet retain their wonderfully chewy texture.

How do you preserve homemade vegan flapjacks?

I keep mine in an airtight jar for 3-4 days. They don’t last long in our house anyway, but 3-4 days after baking, if kept promptly after cooling, they’re still delicious. To keep them soft for longer, it is better to put a piece of bread in the airtight jar.

Can I freeze flapjacks?

Yes! Flapjacks are quite easy to freeze. I keep mine frozen in an airtight freezer storage box and take one out as needed. They defrost in around 30 minutes and last for at least 2-3 months. Afterward, the texture may start to decline, and the taste may change as a result of freezer burn, which no one enjoys! If you’re concerned regarding your flapjacks adhering together, sandwich them together with a layer of baking or greaseproof paper. This will make taking one out of the freezer at a time much easier. You might also wrap them individually if necessary.

Nutritional Facts

Nutrition per flapjack is as following.

  • Calories: 350

  • Carbohydrates: 35 g

  • Proteins: 3g

  • Fats: 15g


Once you become an expert in making super soft and chewy flapjack bars, you can make variations to customize this recipe as per your choice. Till then, follow my recipe as it is, and make your tea time special.

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