Best Almond Extract Substitute List

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If you’re looking for an almond extract substitute you’re at the right place because in this article I’ll explain how you can replace it easily. Almond extract is a very popular ingredient in baking and desserts. Almond extract is a popular ingredient in baking and desserts that contain coffee, vanilla, and chocolate-flavored recipes.

Are you trying to avoid almond extract because you are allergic to nuts? Or do you simply not like the taste of almond extract? It’s not a problem. You can use any of these almond extract replacements to help you keep your recipe on the right track.

Almond extract is a wonderful ingredient. However, there are many reasons to consider other options.

  • The taste is not your thing
  • Almonds can cause allergic reactions
  • It’s not possible to find it anywhere else.

There are simple ways to make your own almond extract, and you can find substitutes for it.

You can substitute almond extract for any of these reasons if you are unable to use it in your recipe.

Almond Extract Substitute List


Almond Extract Substitute

Amaretto is a great substitute for almond extract because it captures the natural aroma and flavor of almonds. It is interesting to note that the main ingredient in this liqueur is apricot kernels. There are also many herbs and spices.

Despite its strong taste, it can’t be used in desserts or pastries because of its concentrated nature. Amaretto cannot be used in place of almonds. You will need approximately four times the amount of almond extract to replace amaretto. This allows you to get the best almond flavor.

This substitute has one drawback: it raises the alcohol content of the recipe. So be careful when adding amaretto.


Almond Extract Substitute

It doesn’t make sense to replace cinnamon with almonds, as they have very few similarities. Almond extract has a stronger flavor than cinnamon sticks. It is acceptable to use the plant as a spice. You only need a tiny amount to substitute almond extract.

A teaspoon of cinnamon can produce a sweet and mild almond fragrance. The bark’s inherent properties can help stabilize your body temperature. The strong cinnamon flavor makes it unsuitable for fruit dishes.

Vanilla Extract

Almond Extract Substitute

Can I substitute almond extract for vanilla extract? Yes! Almonds and vanilla are very similar, despite their differences in origin.

It’s not surprising that vanilla is a great substitute for almond extract when baking cakes and pastries. Vanilla is also available in many locations with different prices.

It does not have the same almond-like aroma, but it can provide the same sweetness. To achieve the perfect sweetness, you need to use it often.

Use one teaspoon vanilla to three drops of almond extract if possible. However, you should also consider your tastes and preferences.

Almond liqueur

Almond Extract Substitute

In times of emergency, almond liqueur can be used as a substitute for almond extract. These flavors have many similarities. The wine’s high alcohol content doesn’t bother you as it evaporates when heated up.

It is difficult to replace almonds with liqueur despite the similarities. Different wine brands have different proportions and ingredients. Consider the following ratios when choosing almond wine: 4:1 or 8:1.

Although the liqueur might not have any significant effects, it is not recommended to be consumed in excess as it can leave behind unpleasant odors and bitter tastes.

Chocolate and Mint extract

Almond Extract Substitute

The combination, although it may seem strange, can produce a mild bitterness and a sweet smell, much like almond extract. Although chocolate extract can be easily found at a low price, mint extract is more expensive.

Mix two teaspoons each of chocolate extract and two teaspoons mint extract until you have everything. This will replace two to three drops of almond oil. This is a great alternative for cookies and cakes.

Orange zest

Almond Extract Substitute

Orange peel is a less popular option than almond extract for many people. The wonderful aroma that crust adds to your cake is despite its bitter taste. You can even make your own! You can achieve the perfect size and smoothness with specialized cutlery.

To reduce the pungent smell, you can add some orange juice. This will give you a wonderful taste and sweet aroma, which is great for baking muffins, cakes, or pies.

Cherry Juice

Almond Extract Substitute

Did you know that cherry pits and almonds taste exactly the same? Both of these ingredients are a good combination of flavors and can be used in a variety of recipes.

Cherry juice, as strange as it may sound, can be used in place of almond extract. For a superior taste, substitute one part of almond extract for four parts of cherry juice in your recipe.

Lemon extract

Almond Extract Substitute

Lemon extract, although it is a less well-known alternative to almond extract, offers many benefits that make it an excellent replacement. The final product may have slight differences in taste but it will not affect the overall quality.

Lemon extract can be made at home by adding lemon juice to filtered water. The scent you get will be very similar to almond extract. Therefore, the ratio should be 1/1. Lemon extract can be used in place of almond extract because it is compatible with many foods.

Nut Extracts

Almond extract can be replaced by hazelnuts, walnuts, or pecans. These may not taste as good as other options but they can be a great substitute for the almond flavor.

When used in a 1:1 ratio, nuts extracts and seeds can reach their full potential. You can create unique scents by using flavor essence in different ways, but this is only possible in certain situations.

You don’t have to look for an alternative when you can make your almond extract at home. If you’re tired of using substitutes that don’t deliver the right almond flavor, this is the best step.

This approach is more efficient than using processed products and will save you time and effort.

You will need enough almonds, an extraction solution (such as vodka) and some types of glycerin to make food. Toast the almonds and cut them into small pieces. Then, combine the solvent and raw materials in a large container.

The extract will be filtered to remove any solids and evaporated to preserve it.

Almond Extract Substitute


  • 4 cups of vodka ( with 80-85% resistance)
  • 4 vanilla pods (separated)
  • 4 cups of almonds, blanched


  • Pre-heat oven to 350°F and fry almonds for 10 min.
  • Make small pieces of the cold almonds. Then, combine the vodka, vanilla pods, and almonds in a large jar.
  • For approximately 8 weeks, place the mixture in a cool and dark area. The mixture should be shaken every four days.
  • Filter to get rid of solids

Nutritional Information: Yield 60 Servings: 1

Calories: 55 Total fat, 5 g Saturated Fat: 0 G Trans fat: 0.0 g Unsaturated Fat: 4 g Cholesterol and Sodium: 46 mg Carbohydrates 2 g Fiber 1 g Sugar: 0.0 g Protein: 2 Years

Almond extract can be found in many cookie recipes. Almond extract gives cookies a unique smell and taste that can’t be duplicated by anyone else.

What if you don’t have almond extract?

Vanilla extract can make sugar cookies, especially sugar cookies, as delicious as almond extract. There are many great alternatives to almond extract if you don’t have any almond extract available.

Vanilla extract is a popular substitute for almond extract. Both are made from nuts and spices. Orange peel or lemon juice can be used to give the dish a sour almond taste. You can replace almond extract with honey, maple syrup or other sweeteners to reduce the acidity of your cherry pie filling.

Almond extract is a key ingredient in baking. However, it can be hard to find. Almond-flavored liqueur and vanilla extract are good substitutes for almond extract in baking.

Last Thoughts

These substitutes are great options if you don’t like the taste of almond extract or have allergies.

Now your only problem is choosing an almond extract substitute from the list, however, you won’t have the same problems as if you used the original almond extract.

My advice is when choosing an almond extract substitute, consider your tastes and preferences.

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