Are Converse Vegan? Definitive Answer in 2021!

are converse vegan?

Okay, so you are wondering are converse vegan, but the answer is not so simple, it’s a yes and a no. Follow along with this article to find all the details.

Footwear is an important component of our wardrobe as a good pair of shoes complements our personality. All vegans seek shoes that are not obtained from animal-derived products. As a result, concern over vegan-friendly footwear makes great sense.

The Converse is a famous American shoe brand that strikes one’s mind when buying shoes of any type. Converse has grown into a global brand that sells millions of pairs of sneakers every year.

The company has evolved from an athletic sports shoe producer to a global fashion brand offering a wide range of shoe designs. It is best known for its classic Chuck Taylor all-stars. But the question is, Are Converse shoes Vegan?

Are converse vegan?

As far as animal-free shoe brands are concerned, the Converse shoe platform is good to go. Let me clearly state the fact about the vegan nature of converse that “converse design vegan shoes are, but all shoes are not vegan”. Hence it is not certified as a pure vegan brand. The converse is not deemed cruelty-free because it uses leather and suede from animals.

The Converse sneakers are mostly made of cotton canvas and rubber.

Converse Renew is a line of shoes created entirely of recycled materials, giving waste a new lease of life. So, if you’re looking for a vegan, environmentally friendly pair of shoes, look no further than the Renew collection.

are converse vegan?

The Converse has collaborated with a few vegan celebrities to develop limited-edition collections over the years. These collaborations have resulted in lovely vegan-friendly shoe collections, so keep an eye out for further collaborations in the future.

When vegans go for buying shoes, they can easily differentiate leather on shoes which helps them choosing true vegan shoes. The real trick lies in the glue, which is used to adhere shoe material. It’s worth mentioning that many shoe brands don’t clarify the exact nature of the glue used, while converse does. This transparency of the converse platform is just impressive.

Converse vegan sneakers selection is available for both men and women. The best options for men include All Star Low Top Canvas, All Star High Top Canvas, and Chuck 70 Low Top Canvas, while women can go for Shoreline Slip, Canvas Mule Slips, and Canvas espadrilles.

Vegans, you will love these comfortable converse sneakers because they are unique and highly popular.


Why isn’t converse certified as a vegan?

The Converse produces footwear that does not include animal products. However, many of their shoes do, which is why they cannot be labeled as a vegan business. Although the adhesive used in making the shoes is entirely vegan, there are many other variants with leather embossed patches on them. Real leather and suede are also used in some styles, which are not vegan-friendly. Converse, on the other hand, has excellent vegan alternatives, and all of their shoes are made with synthetic glue, which is totally vegan. Converse claims that the majority of their products are made of animal-free components, but their manufacturing facility contains animal by-products. So, they cannot mark their company as a vegan. Hence, making the idea of converse being vegan or not entirely a conflicting issue.


A safer option for vegans is to go for shoes that are clearly labeled as vegan-friendly. Converse offers a broad range of vegan shoes, but many shoes also utilize leather or suede as some parts. So, if your eye caught an amazing converse vegan shoe pair and you deadly want it, then inquire about the shoes by analyzing the label or directly contacting the converse company.

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