Are Converse Vegan? Definitive Answer in 2024!

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Okay, so you are wondering are converse vegan, but the answer is not so simple. It’s a yes and a no. Follow along with this article to find all the details.

Footwear is essential to our wardrobe as good shoes complement our personality. In addition, all vegans seek shoes not acquired from animal-derived products. As a result, concern over vegan-friendly footwear makes excellent sense.

Converse is a famous American shoe brand that strikes one’s mind when buying shoes. Converse has grown into a global brand that sells millions of pairs of sneakers annually.

The company has evolved from an athletic sports shoe producer to a global fashion brand offering various shoe designs. It is best known for its classic Chuck Taylor all-stars. But the question is, Are Converse Vegan?

Are Converse Vegan?

Are Converse Vegan

Converse shoes are made of cotton canvas and rubber; most are vegan. A few styles still have animal leather or suede as the uppers and details. Converse uses synthetic, nonanimal shoe glue.

They had previously contacted their adhesive suppliers to investigate the matter. Their customer service team was then able to confirm the results.

We decided to investigate and were delighted to discover that all our chemicals (ink, rubber, adhesives, etc.), are non-animal. Our chemicals (rubber, ink, adhesives, etc.) are non-animal. This means that although there have been no changes in the manufacturing process of synthetic shoes, we can rest assured that they are not based on animals.

Converse vegan shoes may not be certified vegan, but you can still purchase their shoes with confidence, as the company has done extensive research and has listened to the customers’ concerns.

 Converse a Vegan Brand?

While some of their millions of shoes are suitable for vegans, they are not a vegan brand. They do make shoes and other products that are not vegan-friendly. For example, some Converse shoes are made from leather or at most parts.

Some people suggest that they use wool or other non-vegan products. The Converse is not vegan per se.

List of Converse Vegan Shoes

Here is a complete list of Converse’s vegan-friendly shoes made from animal-free materials:

Converse Unisex Vegan Shoes

  • All-Star Low Top Canvas – bestseller
  • All-Star High Top Canvas – bestseller
  • All-Star Low Top Canvas Slip
  • Chuck 70 Low Top Canvas
  • Renew Collection – made with recycled cotton
  • Disrupt CX – made with stretched canvas
  • Jack Purcell Canvas

Converse Women’s Vegan Shoes

  • Platform Canvas Low Top – bestseller
  • Platform Canvas High Top
  • Canvas espadrilles
  • Canvas Mule Slips
  • Shoreline Slip

Converse Vegan Shoes: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Converse cruelty-free?

Converse does not use animal leather or suede to avoid cruelty. However, many vegan options are available from Converse, so make sure to check the list.

Does Converse use vegan shoe glue?

Yes. The brand investigated the adhesive suppliers and confirmed that their shoe adhesive was 100% synthetic and non-animal.

Is Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Vegan?

Chuck Taylor All-Stars offers both vegan and non-vegan options. All-Stars made from canvas are vegan.

Is Converse Chuck Taylor 70 Vegan?

Because the leather ankle patch on the Chuck Taylor 70 high sneaker does not contain vegan ingredients, it is not vegan. However, vegans can wear the Chuck 70 low canvas shoe.

What is Converse’s shoe made from?

Converse shoes are made from cotton canvas and rubber. Some styles may also include genuine leather or suede.


Converse was founded over 100 years ago by Marquis Mills Converse in 1908. The Converse Rubber Shoe Company was founded in Massachusetts, near Boston. It began making winter footwear made from rubber. They soon started to make trainers or sneakers and developed the iconic high tops for their basketball line.

Converse has seen many changes in its history, which is unsurprising considering it was founded by Edward VII, King of England. Converse made shoes for the US military during the Second World War. They enjoyed massive success in the 1960s, 1970s, and beyond. They faced more competition in the 1970s and became less profitable. They made annual losses.

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A safer option for vegans is to go for shoes labeled vegan-friendly, but most Converse shoes are vegan. Converse offers a broad range of vegan shoes, but some shoes also utilize leather or suede as some parts. So, if your eye caught a fantastic Converse vegan shoe pair and you want it, then inquire about the shoes by analyzing the label or directly contacting the Converse company.

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